Spring Arrives and Wildflower Plug Planting


Spring has arrived in Greencroft Valley with blackthorn blossom. Celandines are beautifying the banks of Fish House Brook.

Our wildflower meadow has come to life with cowslips and water avens flowering in the patches we planted last year amongst omnipresent dandelions. All five of our apple trees are in bud, the Dumelow’s Seedling and Blenheim blossoming. The fourth tree up is now a Northern Greening and not a Sowman’s Seedling (the latter was vandalised and had to be replaced by Steve Edwards earlier in the year).

This year South Ribble Borough Council have once again kindly donated 150 wildflower plugs. Last year, Paul Crighton, who gave us alot of help in setting up the Friends of Greencroft Valley, left his role as Parks Manager. This year it was Parks Technical Officer Alison Scrivens who helped us out, delivering to my doorstep the following:

Ragged Robin 15
Ox-eye Daisy 15

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