What’s Your Story, Chorley?

Reblog of Nicolas Guy Williams’ write-up of yesterday’s performance of ‘The Silencing of the Flowers’ by Guests of the Earth at What’s Your Story, Chorley? It was particularly exciting for me because as well as retelling some better known Greek seasonal myths centring on Persephone and Orpheus, we got the chance to tell some (ironically) less known British ones including the story of Creiddylad and Gwyn and Gwythyr’s battle for her each May Day and the local folkloric legend of the Gabriel Ratchets. Another important element, which Nick mentions is ‘raising an awareness of how the plant kingdom speaks to all living things.’ (Oh yes, and then there was the howling… and the lights that flashed when we howled in Market Walk! A perfect touch and ooooh that serpent…).

Guests of the Earth

Today at Unit 25 Market Walk in Chorley as part of the “What’s your Story, Chorley?” word  event Guests of the Earth, Lorna; Peter and Myself performed our first set of 2015 “The Silencing of the Flowers”. We had a full and responsive audience who were a pleasure to perform for … we were told afterwards that some children at the back were sat rapt in attention for the full 45 minutes and everyone loved the howling interjected at various points as part of the performance (I told you it was all about the howling), oh and that sneaky serpent as well, you can’t take some snakes anywhere 😉

The set “Silencing of the Flowers” opens with seasonal myths from ancient Greece and Britain, the relationship between Hades and Persephone, and then leading into the British/Welsh Underworld where local Lancashire myths of the church Grim and Gabriel ratchets flows into…

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