Fractured – (a review)

This is a reblog of River Stone’s review (on Gods and Radicals) of the ‘Fractured’ exhibition by Sam Peacock at the Curious Duke Gallery in London.

River says: ‘Peacock’s works are subterranean imaginings of how the land may be changed when gallons of chemicals and water and sand are injected into the earth at high pressure to release natural gas… The works themselves are steel sheets layered with paint, plaster, wire and colour, blistered by fire. Each is named after a place in the UK which may become a fracking site.’

There is a link to Curious Duke Gallery’s website within the review whereby you can see the artworks, learn more about the sites and buy an artwork if you wish.


sandwichSandwich © Sam Peacock

Terror and Beauty

Let me start by explaining why I’m posting a review for an art exhibition you can no longer see. Fractured, artist Sam Peacock’s third UK solo show, ran at Curious Duke Gallery in London from 5th to 15th March 2015, a disappointingly short run for such a powerful set of pieces. The primary reason is simple: I want you to see these creations. This is my first (yes, first ever) posting and I want to use it to share images of these works. So, go on, click here before reading any more to view what I was privileged to see hanging on this tiny gallery’s walls. (If you then click on individual images, you’ll be taken to a separate page where you can read a small story about the work in question. Do that now, if you like, or stay with me…

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