Guests of the Earth

“We are Guests of the Earth, not its masters. And, like ill-mannered children at a banquet offered freely by a generous and forgiving host, we have behaved badly and are in danger of spoiling the gathering for everyone else.”

Mark Ryan & John Matthews “The Wildwood Tarot”

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Guests of the Earth, the performance group I am part of with poet Nicolas Guy Williams and storyteller Peter Dillon now has a website. So far it includes an introduction to the group by Nick and some samples of work from last year’s set The Howling Wood and our new one for this year: The Silencing of the Flowers. The latter focuses on ancient Greek and British seasonal myths about descents to the underworld and the coming of spring. We are looking forward to our first performance at What’s Your Story, Chorley? on Saturday the 25th of April.


2 thoughts on “Guests of the Earth

  1. I am a child of the Earth.
    I feed at her breast,
    Her waters sustain me.
    Her breath is my breath.
    We are one,
    She is sacred.
    The Earth is my mother.

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