Interview with Christopher Blackwell for ACTION Magazine

Earlier this year, I was interviewed by Christopher Blackwell of ACTION Magazine. ACTION is a publication by AREN (Alternative Religions Education Network), a national Pagan rights organisation.

This interview originated from a question Christopher posed on the Pagan Federation Facebook Group. He had been interviewing ‘hard’ polytheists in the US and was asking whether there were any similar movements in the UK. I replied that I had been involved with Dun Brython, a group of Brythonic polytheists and reconnectionists for a couple of years and he asked to interview me.

This is my first ever interview (!). I speak about my background, poetry and writing, my relationships with Gwyn ap Nudd and other deities and my voluntary work for UCLan Pagan Society, The Druid Network, Moon Books, Preston Poets’ Society and as an Interfaith worker.

In this issue, Christopher has also interviewed Lee Davies, an early and leading member of Dun Brython and Linda Sever who is chair of UCLan Pagan Society and a Heathen and Seidr practioner. There are also interviews with Black Witch, Alison Leigh Lilly, Stephen Cole and David Parry.

Here is a link to the Ostrara edition:

Wild Cherry and Birch Trees


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