Snowdrop’s Arrival

In a dusk of mellow blackbirds,
somebody called for
a snowdrop.

A snail upended himself
before ice set in
beneath a plank of wood.

A lone magpie strutted his stuff.
Stars fidgeted through a fall
of black feathers.

When will she come?
The villain crooned softly,
tapped his beak upon the fence.

Apple trees were too sleepy
to give warning.
A tabby cat stretched a long meow.

Snowdrop came carefully,
crunching through top soil,
a perfect green shoot

showing herself to moonlight,
glittering in frost of stars.
So spring arrives…

The pied one flew home to roost,
a glint white and fragile
as cracked glass in his dusky eye.


4 thoughts on “Snowdrop’s Arrival

    1. Hi there, not sure what happened to my comment, but this is lovely, particularly the ‘glint white and fragile/as cracked glass in his dusky eye’.

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