Enchanting the Shadowlands

Enchanting the Shadowlands has had its first review by Heron on ‘The Path of the Awenydd.’ This review is in depth and touches with understanding on the core of the narrative; Gwyn ap Nudd’s imperative and my ‘imaginative recall’ of the memories of my local landscape. It also forms a great introduction to the collection from an alternative perspective. I feel very honoured by this first review and it will be well remembered.


enchanting Review of Enchanting the Shadowlands by Lorna Smithers

This is a substantial collection of poems and prose by Lorna Smithers written in response to an imperative from Gwyn ap Nudd who gave her the task of ‘enchanting the shadowlands’, of bringing back enchantment to the land through her writings. As a task carried out for the god she follows it is an exemplary illustration of one way of following the path of the awenydd and , indeed, of showing dedication to the gods.

The Prelude sets the scene for the collection with a reference to the ‘Bull of Conflict’, the words addressing Gwyn ap Nudd at the beginning of the dialogue between him and Gwyddno Garanhir contained in an early Welsh poem in the manuscript of The Black Book of Carmarthen. Following this the collection is divided into a number of sections, each of which are aspects of a…

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