Gwynn’s Guest by Robin Herne

This morning I was delighted to find that Robin Herne, a polytheist Druid and crafter of rare and wonderful Bardic verses in complex metres has not only published his reading of one of my favourite poems of all time, ‘Gwynn’s Guest,’ on his personal blog through youtube but dedicated it to me!

On his blog, Robin describes the poem thus: ‘A Welsh poem in tawddgyrch cadwynog metre written originally for a ritual dedicated to Gwynn app Nudd, the Welsh king of the fairies and leader of the Wild Hunt. The poem is inspired the story of St Collen who encounters Gwynn atop Glastonbury Tor (though this version is told from the King’s viewpoint and not the saint’s).’ And says ‘the recording is a small thank-you to Lorna Smithers for her help in publicising this blog and (as a result) my books.’

The opening two stanzas capture Gwyn’s wild nature perfectly and there is a wickedly humorous surprise to listen out for at the end. Enjoy 🙂

‘Round the Herne,’ where Robin records a variety of poems and stories based on mythology and folklore (and you can find out more about his publications) can be found here:


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