Replacement Apple Tree and Pruning

An update from Friends of Greencroft Valley on the planting of a new Epicure apple tree and pruning with Steve Edwards.


At end of summer last year our Epicure apple tree got stolen (!)

No Tree

This morning, Steve Edwards from Lancashire County Council brought a new Epicure tree, which had grown to a height to match the others because it was grafted onto root stock.

Graft Graft

We planted the tree. Below it you can see Sowman’s Seedling, Blenheim, Burrknott and Dumelow’s Seedling. You may notice the Burrknott still has its leaves. It was also the first tree to bear an apple earlier in the year and seems to be a particularly hardy specimen.

Epicure Tree

Steve also helped out by pruning the trees to make way for new and healthy growth next year.


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