“Expect the (healing) unexpected.”

This intriguing article provides some information about and a perspective on Nodens, a Brythonic deity who is known mainly from archaeological evidence of his temple at Lydney, two silver statues found in Lancashire on Cockersand Moss and an inscription at Vindolanda. The author discusses some of the known evidence, tells the story of how she came to venerate Nodens as the father of Gwyn ap Nudd and shares some of her rites to him and her insights into his nature.

Likewise, I’d be interested to hear from other people who have had experience of this deity.

2 thoughts on ““Expect the (healing) unexpected.”

  1. That post answers about 8 really important questions that I’ve been trying to work on.

    All the gods I deal with are Brythonic thus far (with the exception of Dionysos, though Brighid as Ffraid might also be different), but 6 weeks ago I received an irrefutable message that I needed to give attention to Njord, which wasn’t making much sense to me until I found myself at the sea.

    Njord, by the way, is said in one reference to have had 9 daughters, only 2 of them named, and if you wend through some of the Brythonic stuff on Arianrhod by way of the arthurian myths through Morgan (morgans are sea creatures…), an island with a sorceress, etc.; also, Arianrhod’s first child over the threshold, Dylan, ‘returned’ to the sea; and look at the Breton stuff on Maelgven/Dahu (witch-queen from a northern kingdom who rode across the sea and drowned an island….)

    Also, I had a strange incident with a blue and green stone I offered to the sea that reminds me of the author’s experience with the necklace.

    The sea crashes over so many of these things. Ends up sounding a little bit like “crazy talk” when I try to describe it–still not certain how they fully fit together, but here’s at least an indication I should keep looking that direction.

    Thanks for directing us to that!

    1. Glad it’s given you some insights, Rhyd. Do you think there’s analogies between Njord and perhaps Nodens’/Nudd’s connection with Arianrhod and Dylan. I think Nudd and Arianrhod are brother and sister. As are Nudd and Afallach, who is father of Modron, who may be Morgan, who has nine sisters. Are these the parallels you’re thinking of or I am going in the wrong direction entirely?…

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