To Go into the Wildwood

To Gwyn:

I want to go into the wildwood
to twig crack and snapple of leaf,
to see the beauty of alterity in crimson flashes,
hooded figures between trees,

to go where death and darkness drag me over,
strange, mossy stones line spirit paths
and a single grimacing skull
holds no message in its teeth,

to go where your black horse is bigger than the hill,
see-sawing mud with huge round feet,
the sky filled with owls clawed and winged
and I dare not look upon your face,

to go where screamers accompany your hounds
into the wildness of a long, mad night.
As the sickle moon arches backward
in the peril of your sight

you bring the wildwood into me
and I go into your story.

The Wanderer, The Wildwood Tarot











*’The Wanderer’ card is from The Wildwood Tarot, drawn by Will Worthington.

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