Presence published on Moon Books Blog

My poem ‘Presence,’ which is dedicated to the ancestors of my local landscape, has been published on my resident poet’s page on Moon Books Blog. For me land ancestors include the land itself, trees and animals as well as other humans. The process of writing this poem took me back to the ice age, to the very first birch tree colonisers, elk, auroch and wild deer as well as early human ancestors and traces this lineage through time to the present day.

Moon Books Blog is currently managed by Nimue Brown who updates it every two days with a mixture of articles, interviews, reviews, excerpts from works in progress, stories and poems. The other resident poets are Robin Herne, Tiffaney Chaney, Martin Pallot, Beverley Price and Romany Rivers and their work is well worth checking out.

This is a photo of one of our earliest ancestors, Horace the Elk, who is 13,500 years old.



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