Blind Hound Over

Annwn, not-world, the otherside
always calls me over,

twitching in my dreams
like the nerves of every animal,

twisting through my veins
like the cords of every tree,

when the horse lies down
and hawk goes to nest

little rabbit cannot run fast enough
nor the girl in the crimson hood,

for the stench of all the wildwood
wrests me from my sleep,

calls the blind hound over,
lures me free.

Fairy Lane



3 thoughts on “Blind Hound Over

  1. As always an enjoyably imaginative poem. I like how the not-world is likened to an animal twitching in its/your dream…..There’s a lot going in in this powerful image, expressive of how the worlds meet and meld.

  2. “The girl in the crimson hood” expands this tightly focused personal statement into the world of fairy tale refererences without losing the immediacy of your experience – which is real.

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