A Million Cats

Their lithe minds twist
around corners

in the nook of each bed,
tucked into shelf and drawer,
ears pert atop coat stands,
they fold themselves into mirrors,
posit their existence,
sleep themselves there,


a violent tremor
reverberating from earth’s core.

Curled beside me
they are hot as coals,
yet kitten-soft
in a slumber of mystery

whilst lambent eyes slink
down ancestral roads

and in lanes of cat’s eyes
a million felines are mirrored,
stretching through the night,
returning home.


2 thoughts on “A Million Cats

  1. This is very evocative and as a cat’s person (staff), or rather three cats’ person (staff), who is not anti-dog by the way, I can relate to the images as last night I had two curled up on me most of the evening with lots of purring.

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