Walton Churchyard

The church is still and day bright.
Sun glints from the clock’s saintly blue.
But for the solitary holly tree amongst the graves
there are few signs of that macabre landscape

where Dee and Kelly raised a pauper
from his grave to seek the location of wealth
and received premonitions about each person
in the parish who would die in the coming year,

where a minister and wise-man
kept vigil one Christmas Eve and saw
in procession the spectres of each person
in the parish who would die in the coming year.

There are few signs of where the black dog was laid.
A single holly tree, graves, but no written stone
or evidence of offerings of milk or raw meat
to withhold the portents of an otherworldly beast.

These seem but shiver-stories now,
tales for the hearth fire and a winter of snow
as sunlight glints upon the clock
and daylight keeps its bright and bluey hue.

St Leonard's Church, Walton-le-daleHolly Tree, Walton Churchyard
























Entrance to Vault

2 thoughts on “Walton Churchyard

  1. Our town cemetery is at a triple crossroad at the end of our street. I always wonder if that was done on purpose to keep the restless spirits from roaming. Sadly, the trees are not the ancient yews or hollies of the British stone orchards, but I’d still like to think that the branches of hemlock and maple shelter souls between their leaves.

  2. Wow is the churchyard where Dee and Kelly did their necromancy near your place? Here in the states, at least in the NE, we plant cedars so you can tell the age of the cemetery by how large the cedars are, and they takes hundreds of years to grow to the size of a normal 50 year old tree. BB.

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