Hunters Stone

Take the high road that leads into nothing.

Cam Gill RoadII.
The highland cow decides which way to go next.

Red HighlandIII.
Thistles thrive where the going is arduous.

White Thistle and Marsh ThistleIV.
Greet the stone, haunt of deer stalkers.

Hunters StoneV.
Make an offering of breadcrumbs where the meadow pipit lays her worm to rest,

Meadow Pipit on Hunters StoneVI.
Then the mist will close in from both sides,

Mist over Whernside near Nidd Head VII.
The stone will turn round four times,

Hunters StoneVIII.
The world will turn with it

And no valley will be the same again.

Valley of Park Gill Beck

4 thoughts on “Hunters Stone

  1. Charlotte

    Love this…..Beautiful how you write a line–a progression of lines–to match each shot. Highly effective melding of photo and poetic lines. Beautiful highland cow, cleverly captured to illustrate the stress of choice. Like too how the poem gets progressively more magical, with the stone (earth) finally turning around 4 times.

    Hope you do more of these……Charlotte

  2. Wonderfully evocative and creative use of word and image. I was on the journey with you, pausing to take in the meanings verbal and visual. The spare language was perfect for this piece. I have found walks are often like that episodic from one noticed energy, presence, entity to the next, with quiet reflective spaces between. I really like this, Lorna.

  3. I took the road with you on this post, loved the offering of breadcrumbs and photo with pipit, one line description with each photo and black and white perfect in mist and stone,

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