Apple Tree and Wildflower Update

Latest update about the apple trees and wildflower meadow reblogged from Friends of Greencroft Valley.


There is some good news from the Greencroft Valley apple trees, which were planted in December 2012. The Burr Knot tree, which was also the first to blossom, now has its first apple!

First Apple - Copy

The other four apple trees have come into leaf and three are growing well. The Epicure was the victim of vandalism; somebody ripped its top off. In spite of this, thanks to some surgery by Steve Caswell, although it is smaller, it has maintained its health.

Epicure Epicure

Sowman's Seedling Sowman’s Seedling

Blenheim Blenheim

Burr Knot Burr Knot

Dumelow's Seedling Dumelow’s Seedling

With the wildflower patches we have had mixed results. In the old meadow, at the top of the green ox-eye daisies are currently thriving,  along with thistle, sorrel, dock and bird’s foot trefoil.

Ox-eye daisies, thistle, sorrel, dock and bird's foot trefoil

In the next patch down, which we planted this year, the ox-eye daisies have plenty of leaves but bird’s foot trefoil seems to have swamped the devil’s bit scabious and…

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