Bumblebee in a Foxglove Flower









I am a bumblebee
in a foxglove flower
where my summerfields
touch the summerlands,

landscapes shifting like plates
across the sensile skin of the earth,
binding together like dream places
separated by nothing but a love of honey,

dizzy drinkings inspiring more flight,
turning and returning,
pollen dust coating fur and legs,
inner bliss of a bumblebee mind

filling every foxglove flower,
in purple palaces and golden springs
sipping on ecstasy until the petals fall
and the worlds drift apart again.


4 thoughts on “Bumblebee in a Foxglove Flower

  1. That’s lovely, Lorna, melodic and fanciful . . . accurate and not clinical . . . I have taken to watching the bumblebees this year and they are quite remarkable creatures. The last two lines cast a bittersweet shadow that reminds the cycle turns and life is precious and fragile as a flower.

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