Court of the Magpies

In the court of the magpies
awake a fluffy winged juvenile,
the prankster, the fool, who dares
to steal eggs from the blackbirds’ nest.

Preen your feathers
shining blue black and white.
Become cruel and magnificent.
Ignore the ones who are laughing behind your back.

Ignore the backstabbers,
the ones who rap their beaks upon a branch.
In the scandal courts you are magnificence
so spread your wings, surrender yourself to chance.


3 thoughts on “Court of the Magpies

  1. I love the whole corvid crew….I have a post prepared about magpies and their alleged habits later, as a metaphor for my own pagan syncretic ways….for the Pagan Blog Project I am participating in this year.

  2. I have always had an affinity for corvids and the magpie, despite its reputationm is a stunningly beautiful bird. You have captured them well.

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