My Deer

My deer leap the roads by nocturnal headlights.
They are never safe in the suburbs
but love it here all the same.

Although the old tracks are gone
they make new deer trods
through plantations covering industrial debris.

They only show themselves when unexpected
by the slant of the moon, turning vivid
heads, ears huge and upright,

flowing dapples brown and white.
Their liquid eyes are always fearful.
They are not quite knowing and always in flight.

Amongst droppings ripe as blackberries
I squat and sniff their aroma,
rock back on my feet,

a huntress of traces and memories
craving flesh and blood,
meeting eye to eye.

Fallow deer, Lydney Park







*The fallow deer pictured are in Lydney Park. Seeing them has inspired me to look for the elusive deer in my local area.


4 thoughts on “My Deer

  1. You’ve caught the very elusiveness of deer as they graze and travel ever alert to danger. But getting to see them, as I do now and then in the fields where I walk, or from car window, is always magical. The memory lingers like the soft scent of a the first rose and last lilac.

  2. Hello – I have seen deer in the wood next to the railway to the right as soon as you go under the North Union bridge down the river. They have also been sighted on the banking opposite the Fire Station on Leyland Road next to the Mobility shop. Early morning would be the best time to see them – that’s if you are very lucky ! I have seen one twice in the last six years !

    1. I’ve heard so many stories about them, being everywhere from Hurst Grange Park to Carr Wood… but still haven’t seen them in person yet. I can never find anything when I’m looking for it!

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