Edges of Avalon

Apple blossom, Avalon orchards, GlastonburyIn fields of childhood dreams
and blossoming orchards
I flicker at the edges
taking apple tree cuttings
for another time and generation.

Glastonbury Tor, May 2014I want to bring hope for the future,
to return with a deer’s heart
but have lost or forgotten
the thing I never had
on the tor’s summit
where wild wind
makes your calm more powerful.

Gwyn ap Nudd,
Avalon Orchard, May 2014all that I can offer you
is a phial of tears
and blessings
of a soul torn apart
by the lives I never knew
on the edges of Avalon.


2 thoughts on “Edges of Avalon

  1. I for one am glad that someone is taking these apple-tree cuttings for the generations to come. A powerful experience captured in evocative poetry.

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