Spring Unicorns

So they come with hesitant steps
from their land pure as snowdrops
treading celandine tossing their heads
where beauty is not killed by mockery.

Where spring is by cruelty subdued they wear
seven white stars on their silver-shod hooves,
forelocks twisted in flames of truth
and horns to pierce the heart of tyranny.


4 thoughts on “Spring Unicorns

  1. Lovely, hopeful note of spring. Do you really have green, green grass? We are still buried under a thick white blanket of snow in Montreal. Thanks for the reminder of spring….Cheers, Charlotte

    1. Hi Charlotte, good to hear from you. We haven’t had a touch of snow all year! Spring is well and truly here, the snowdrops and crocuses have been out for a while followed now by celandine, primroses and daffodils. Hope you’re rid of the snow soon!

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