Gundestrup Dream

In the gateway
time becomes a serpent.

Its gaping mouth is the moment
and long weird lanes
draw themselves across the countryside.

A rainbow shines in the night sky.

Processions of animals march through dream;
stag, hound, bull, salmon,
returning again
to the god
who wears the torque and holds the serpent.

My camera fails to capture the image
alive before closed eyes

Gundestrup Images03.Plate A

This image is borrowed from the following website:

*The language and imagery in this poem have a basis in Nietzsche’s ‘The Vision and the Riddle (.2)’ from Thus Spake Zarathrustra- a scene which had a great impact on my perception of time many years ago. It can be found here:


3 thoughts on “Gundestrup Dream

  1. Love how you have played off “The Vision and the Riddle” from “Thus Spoke Zarathustra,” a text I have never read, but must. The “Riddle” excerpt you sent us off to read is so archetypal and powerful!! That said I see effective reverberations from it in your Gundestrup poem above, particularly the mouth image and “the long weird lanes”: the “long lane backwards” and the “long lane forwards.” Also one could hazard a guess that Nietzsche’s “light-surrouded being” is the torque-wearing god of your excellent poem. Love the Nietzsche reverberations going back to the much older Gundestrup Cauldron. Your poem vividly illustrated his notion of an eternal return. Nice work, Charlotte

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