Penwortham Bridge

Penwortham BridgeOver the bridge
ash keys hang like last chances,
lives held in balance
so easily washed away.

A bridge is a fragile thing,
uneasy as a promise
balanced between two places
with a hunger beneath.

This precarious bridge
spans the Ribble’s tidal flanks.
Its goddess claims her balance-
a life every seven years.

Before the bridge was a ford
and its ferryman had swan feet
paddling in balance
currents of life and death.

From beneath the bridge
coins can be dredged
displaying the balance
of his ongoing fare.

Swan, the Ribble


4 thoughts on “Penwortham Bridge

  1. Yes, a beautiful poem and pictures. I live near the Rockville Bridge which is the Longest stone arch bridge in the world, the river being a mile wide there. It is a RR bridge now. I used to live right by it and could go down in the river and when the water was low walk out onto various islands and at one was a particularly good spot to find “Goddess Stones”, stones with holes eroded in them. One is such a perfect yoni triangle with perfect hole in the middle i Swear it is an AmerIndian artifact. Lots of Naginis down there in the glistening water too…..

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