Where Worlds Meet

Faery LaneWhere worlds meet together
uncut by the subtle knife
green beats in my heart
through the woodland ensouled
with life, life, life…

Where worlds meet together
in ordinance close as breath
life leaves my lungs
and the woodland draws cold
as death, death, death…

Where worlds meet together
the hound of my soul is loosed
to tear through the weald
where dead things roam
in the terrible hunt for truth.


2 thoughts on “Where Worlds Meet

  1. Powerful resonance in this poem. A real, not a pretty picture of faery and thank you for that… Working with the heart is key somehow……and it does mean opening to what is both wondrous and terrible, joyful and painful….. Thanks for reminding me of the heart work I must continue to do. Cheers, Charlotte

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