Seer’s Guide

Vindonnus, (clear light, white)… Bronze plaques found nearby depicting eyes suggest he was attributed curative powers for eye diseases. Linguistically Vindonnus is linked with Fionn mac Cumhail.’
-James MacKillop, Dictionary of Celtic Mythology

It has been eleven years
since I wrote: ‘Spirit
To dwell in your bright purity
and be one with the clear light.’

Now I find you, King of Spirits
as Vindonnus; clear light, white,
with bronze plaques depicting eyes
representing your healer’s birthright
and Fionn’s gift of second sight.

Here you are Gwyn ap Nudd
and mine are the brazen eyes
touched by your gift of clear light
seeing through time’s obscurity
how you became my seer’s guide.


3 thoughts on “Seer’s Guide

  1. Also I think Vindonnus is a granter of accurate sight, such as needed by eagle-eyed hunters, and maybe the power to see into the spirit world (as suggested in your poem). The clear light is also the lightning bolt. I used to contemplate him during archery practice.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Robin. I can see how accuarate sight would link with hunting, particularly archery. Which fits with Vindonnus’ equation with Apollo and the possibility that the constellation of Orion may once have been seen as Vindonnus / Gwyn. Not sure whether any amount of contemplation will improve my archery skills though…

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