Little Holly Wood

Holly that is greenest when groves are gaunt and bare.’
-Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Little Holly Kings
Gallant in green
A woodland story
When groves
Are gaunt and bare
Golden bells ringing
Welcoming the Green Knight
The New Year

Holly, Greencroft Valley

One thought on “Little Holly Wood

  1. Yes the evergreens keep me happy too in the stark winter. I have this little holly i have been nursing for Years, and another larger one that is doing well. Out in the woods we have our green hemlocks and white pine, and some other ornamental scrub i transplanted from the woods, and a nice grove of bamboo that the birds love. My bird feeders are hung to a hemlock’s branches which protects them from the eagle eye of the hawks. May the Green Knights keep you in their arms this cold snowy winter.

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