Solstice Sun Down from Peneverdant

Sun down over St Mary's Church and beech tree., Castle HillFrom the seat of power
where castle and church ruled
between tree and tower
I watch the golden sun fall.

In its final panorama
I see a summer land drawn
behind the roofs and chimneys
and limits of my town

with parapets of purple mist
and blazing eiderdown.
It vanishes like fairy gold
as winter’s hail redounds.

Summer land, from Castle Hill


5 thoughts on “Solstice Sun Down from Peneverdant

    1. redound 🙂 redound
      3rd person present: redounds

      contribute greatly to (a person’s credit or honour).
      “his latest diplomatic effort will redound to his credit”
      synonyms: contribute to, be conducive to, result in, lead to, effect; more
      have an effect on, affect;
      formalconduce to
      “he must hope that his diplomatic effort will still redound to his credit”
      come back upon; rebound on.
      “may his sin redound upon his head!”
      synonyms: rebound on, have an adverse effect on, come back on, recoil on

      and polysememetic too which changes the meaning within … hehe it can go two ways 😉

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