Fairy Ring

Faerie RingOn the break of dawn alight on your lawn, behold the fairy ring
And think to yourself is it faeries or elves from whom this marvel springs?
The truth to decide return at night to behold a wondrous dream:
A diaphanous dance on your homely grass and lo! You hear us sing:

Come forward approach, closer than close, immerse yourself in our city.
In every ‘shroom are multiple rooms and from each arises a ditty.
Our spiraling forms turn and unfold and you are turning too,
Shrinking in size and opening wide to cross the periphery,
For the circular form is our mode of transport to another reality.
Time and space in a magical place are devoid of sense and meaning.
All is one in a wonderful song and hence we hold our dreaming.
As your senses dissolve in our musical salve clearly you’ll see
That we’re tiny wee folk of ephemeral stock is wholly illusionary.
Beyond the soil we’re not so small and most of us don’t have wings.
Real and immense is the primary sense of the imaginary.

All beware should hence you despair you’ll always come back changed;
To avaunt from our place and keep the same face is nary the fairy way.
Nor be surprised when you arise that home and friends are gone,
Upon your return the world has turned and moved a hundred years on.

Mushrooms*Photography by Peter Dillon

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