Moon in the RibbleRiver moon lights a way
To the unseen places.
Into the void- Nod’s land
I pass by river song.

Undiscerned by the eyes of day
Mysterious lineaments march
In the forms of fay and faces
Of the opened hill pouring out.

I pose questions in a dark cave
To primal stare and tangled limb,
To their king who gives his answer
When all questions are forgotten.

Arising from this scene
I see the arts of frost
And know on my birth-night
I dreamt of the gods.

*Poem based on a dream I had last night after seeing the moon in the river Ribble. As it was on my ‘birth-night’ it seemed significant. It’s possible ‘the land of Nod’ derives from the British god Nodens who was associated with sleep and dreams, healing and hunting.


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