Fairy Key

Trees die to wakefulness
with the release of each shed leaf.

Greencroft Valley
Woodland thought drifts on sweet scent
of ivy in final exertions of bees.

Ivy, Greencroft Valley
Autumn’s last breath dances
with white ghosts of lime.

Lime, Ribble WayIV.
I take a key from the ash,
unlock the pale of the faerie mind.

Ash, Greencroft ValleyI came across the idea of the faerie mind in ‘A Dream’ by Tony Kelly on The Pagan Movement Archive: http://paganmovement.weebly.com/a-dream.html Another faery lore site worth visiting is ‘The Fern Law of Faery’: http://faerie-law.blogspot.co.uk/


4 thoughts on “Fairy Key

  1. What did Picasso once say: “The urge to destroy is also the urge to create.” Nature knows this better than any of us…..and your poem does this justice.

    1. Thanks for the quote Charlotte. I always feel more creative at this time of year, as parts of the physical world fall asleep it’s easier to connect with the fay and with the Otherworld, who are a big source of my creativity.

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