At Brook’s Gates

Fish House Brook, Culvert under Hill Rd South







It was a sea-lane to nowhere and somebody saw.’
-‘Mermaid’ David Morley

See? – these are my sea lanes,
which portal will you pick, left or right?
Both lead to nowhere- to the not-world’s
deep where streams collide.

Have you ever fallen into an abyss?
Have you heard the leaves and water fall?
Have you fallen through the iron gates?
Has your pipeline slipped? Have you lost control?

the monsters,
you are my prisoner
in a sea lane to nowhere,
in a culvert’s jail
treading the abyss.

The left stream or the right stream?
Both lead to the same place,
for a sea lane is no lane
unless you want to disappear
into the deep.

Slipstreams packed, cataracts complete,
which stream will it be?
Both lead to nowhere.
Down in the deep you will see.

Fish House Brook, Culvert under Hill Rd South


One thought on “At Brook’s Gates

  1. I like the way you mix images and words, it’s really effective, giving a sense of place, and often casting the poems differently from how they might appear if encountered without the images.

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