MurmurationSwooping electrifying,
terrifying, every law defying
the starlings swing
cloaked in magic
raising the air’s gates,
spinning aeronautic
at light speed they brake.

I stand transfixed,
fizz and prickle in their spell.
The traffic lights switch.
Cars and people pass regardless.

With a flash of green and final twist
the sizzling hurricane crackles out.
Into dusk the starlings sink
leaving skies empty and unreal.

Murmuration above Adelphi Roundabout, Preston


4 thoughts on “Murmuration

  1. Beautiful. When i was a teen i used to walk along the big old wide Susquehanna river where my parents and I lived and at dusk the starlings and crows would fly across to roost on one of the islands, and it would take over a half hour for them all to noisily make this journey. Near here where two rivers come together the bridge pigeons do the same fantastic flashing balls and columns. Most people of course never look up to see such marvels.

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