Bramble Child


Bramble, Well Field, Penwortham







The green leafed fortification
rises and falls to the breath of a girl
trapped within its mound,
tangled in the briars
her chest rises and falls.

Well armed against princes
it will not bow to the price of blood,
instead grows the fruit
of its dark cause
to tempt the hungry blackbirds.








Will they sing her awake
before the berries turn sour
or perdure their caution
knowing not to rouse a power
whose autumnal dreams are fair
but in bitter winter would bleed the frost
with the thorns of her black and pain soaked hair?

Brambles 004


2 thoughts on “Bramble Child

  1. Love the fairy tale reference–Sleeping Beauty—nice use of fortification and blood imagery. Love the photos of your green, green (brambly) countryside…Must be lovely to stroll there–avoiding the brambles of course. Cheers, Charlotte

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