Autumn’s Gateway

All that is solid melts into air’ – Karl Marx

Sun and rain and trickster wind
are dissolving summer’s certainty.
Geese fly in. Swallows abandon
the empty stables and telephone wires.
The birds know the ways between
the hot and cold places, how long to stay
and when to depart into the wind.
The world is leaving with the birds,
all that is solid is autumn’s gateway
beneath the sheltering boughs
of the gleaming oak. I stand within
redrawing the edges of my reality:
bark and beams, trembling leaves
preparing to fall. I do not know the ways
between the summer and winter places
yet must step through and walk them
blind in the sunshine, drenched in the rain
until I know the day and the secret of the gateway
and can melt like a swallow into the wind.

The Trysting Oak, Greencroft Valley


2 thoughts on “Autumn’s Gateway

  1. Lovely lyric! I admire the fluid imagery here: things dissolve, flow away, change into something else again. Your lines “until I know the day and the secret of the gateway/and can melt like a swallow into the wind” feel like an image of your own Bardic quest. I can imagine this set to music — it’s already musical. I look at the end-words of each line — a good test of the strength of a line — and this makes a kind of haiku by itself, a song on its own. Keep writing! — ADW

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