Peacocks on Buddleia







Appearing like magic
an explosion of colours,
mandala of shards,
tiger eyes rainbowed
on peacock wings,
kaleidoscope in a sunbeam,
slightest of chinks
in the mirror of our world.

Inquisitive antennae,
fine dark bodies
on subtly bowed legs
tread in reverence
to drink in the sugar rush,
revel round the butterfly bush,
intoxicatedly spinning.

An emissary
of the fair kingdom
observes my act,
antennae twitching.

She carries the world
in the colour of her wings,
an abyss between
each lambent eyelash.

The celebration drinks purple.

Beneath the buddleia
a comrade closes his wings.

Life is brief
in the eyes of the eternal,
rainbow patterned
and black underneath.

Peacock on Buddleia


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