The Ellyllon

Faery Lane (2) May

The ancient ones:
hidden intelligences
twixt the earth and sun.
See their fingers moving
through the trees,
ships of light
across the heavens.
Derided by some
as alien. Our kind
are fearful of nature,
of her expert operations,
would rather shrink their size
or make them Other
than acknowledge
their part in our
technological acumen.
Some people think
they are from the future.
I was told they are from
the east, from the house
of the sun. Inscrutable,
the hidden ones. Silent
are the movements
of the ellyllon.

5 thoughts on “The Ellyllon

  1. ‘The Ellyllon are the pigmy elves who haunt the groves and valleys, and correspod pretty closely to the English elves. The English name was probably derived from the Welsh ‘el,’ a spirit, ‘elf’ and element…. Ellyllon is also doubtless allied with the Hebrew Elilim.’ – Wirt Sykes ‘British Goblins.’

  2. The Black Rose

    I don’t know whether your photos or your poems are more beautiful. You make me hungry for forests I’ve not yet seen and voices I hope I’ll hear when I get there.

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