Bluebells, GCV

Ethereal blue pre-quandary,
silence without thought
we breathe deeply
steeped in the rush of the land,
touched to life by the sun.

Rainbow flows in ripples.
We are unmovable.

When our bells toll without sound
the valley swings.
Sunlight breaks
through the veil.

Bluebells GCV


5 thoughts on “Bluebells

  1. As travel the country lanes of East Anglia I see the beautiful sea of bluebells in the ancient woodlands, beautiful. Great poem.

  2. Beautiful. We do not have many native bluebells, just what people plant. But my blue purple ajuga and vinca ground covers are looking lovely, and the bumble bees and even some now rare honey bees are happy. Blessings.

  3. I’ve never seen a bluebell. We don’t have them here in California. Thank you for the lovely images, both verbal and visual.

  4. Just loved this post.. Bluebells are my favourite woodland flowers.. and they always bring back childhood memories… Their perfume is something never to be forgotten…….. Thank you for sharing and allowing me to relive some of those happy times .. Blessings ~Sue x

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