May Day Rite


Through a mist streaked dawn the cock calls.
A thousand voices join his hail
to the swell of spring singing
Creiddylad’s sovereign beauty,
this dragon land’s hot majesty
and I see war arising.

View from Glastonbury Tor Beltane 2013 109 - Copy


The Tor is ensorcelled by mist.
Gwyn’s fair abode stands unvanquished
by hubris of tactless saints.
Annwn’s king keeps his golden seat.
Midst the white banquet of spirits
he considers the ritual feint.

Glastonbury Tor Beltane 2013 097 - Copy


From seas of mist the sun rises
scorching dawn’s oceanic brightness.
Gwythyr rides to meet Gwyn’s sword.
Their desperate clash makes skies intense
with rolling white and blazing red
and threatens to end the world.

Sun rise Glastonbury Tor  Beltane 2013 124 - Copy


Watching from her May Day prison,
troubled, torn the sovereign maiden
looks upon the trembling Tor.
Through mist and fire she struggles,
calls to halt their fatal battle.
The rivals grudgingly part.

Glastonbury Tor's shadow Beltane 2013 131 - Copy


5 thoughts on “May Day Rite

  1. Beautifully captured both on camera and in your poetic words Lorna, May is such a wonderful Mystical month… holding legends and so many blossoms which start to bloom.. Loved your poem.. ~Sue

  2. Lorna, you’ve got the Bardic awen flowing here. Lovely lines — evident that you’ve been writing poetry for a while — the voice is sure, the mythic references internalized, so that they are not mere pretty details, but deeply felt and powerful. And the sense of landscape … spirits of place talking to you. The theme of the U.S. OBOD East Coast Gathering this Sept. ’13 is “Spirits of Place” — a kindred gesture. Bendeithion on your journey. I’m bookmarking your site. –ADW

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