Eyes, their uncanny eyes, knowing
So much more than we do

Each owl with lucid vision divines
A lambent portion of our minds

Shining melancholy a savage
Reminder of a lost, obscure design.

Caged aeons from grounds of hunting,
Feathered loyally they decline

Far from the immortal starry ones,
Windswept trees and sunshine.

Too strong for this mortal world,
Yet too weak to break it’s confines.



7 thoughts on “Owls

  1. gwynn ap nudd

    I enjoyed this short poem.
    I attended a ‘shamanic workshop’ recently and really was a bit uncomfortable with it beforehand (but wanted to try it out )
    I found-to my surprise- that I could ‘journey’ with an owl who showed me the beauty of the night sky-the stars and galaxies and the various shades of the night/dawn sky-it was quite a weird experience.
    I have no doubt that owls are very special creatures and that we can learn from them, their ancient wisdom and intuition.
    It may see a strange thing to a cynic but then you have to wonder- why are there so many associations between owls and wisdom in so many human cultures ?
    Nice poem, thanks

    1. Interesting, considering Gwyn (the deity) is connected with an owl. Not only by Dafydd ap Gwilym (admittedly not painted in a positive light here):
      ‘Piercingly she shrieked: I recognise her form,
      She is the bird of Gwyn ap Nudd.
      Crazy Owl that sings the robbers,
      misfortune on her tongue and on her tune!’
      – The Owl
      But when I went to Glastonbury I heard an owl hooting at night around the Tor and there was a statue of an owl beside the white spring.
      The connection is definitely there and the owl seems to speak of a wisdom of the universe much greater than ours.
      Thanks for sharing your journey 🙂

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