Winter Vale

Greencroft ValleyI.
Snow fall lies broken
On dark ground dreaming.
Woodland’s limbs frozen
Hold ice sky reeling.
Huddled denizens
Sequester sleeping.
Brings all that’s living.

Greencroft ValleyII.
Holly and Ivy,
A passion of green
Sounding survival
Twist blade and wrap leaf.
Foiling all rivals
On a pitch white scene
Evergreen striving
Boasts a battle supreme.

Greencroft ValleyIII.
Under bridge snow stacked
Each pebble glistens.
In a dress of bags
Lives a cold woman,
Deep echoing hag
Of water’s lament.
Her passing price:
Mere acknowledgement.

Greencroft ValleyIV.
By lamppost and Oak
A song I follow.
Playing wild wood dark,
A satyr shadow
With a smiling heart
Pipes warm tomorrows.
Nature’s chiefest arts
Transform her sorrows.

Greencroft Valley


Absorbing the vale
A youthful Yew dreams
Of colours and stars;
Eternity’s weave.


Observing each part
Winter’s wise King
Drawing back the veil
Ends his masterpiece.

* This poem is written in Breccbairdne metre- another metre learnt Robin Herne’s Bard Song.


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