Winter Trickster

Beneath a moon new and wonderful
I came to believe some buses are made to be missed.
Magic and the universe do not run to timetables.

Clouds occluding stars jagged edges dripped
Snow- sky of winter up to its tricks again.
Winter trickster you lead me a dance, your gift,

Laughing at the possibility of everything
Through border places to beyond, where truth
Appears double edged in a shining space ship,

On a bus, or seeps up from the oceans of Annwn.
I know beyond doubt your visions are blessed.
If you are a trickster, truth is a trickster too.


5 thoughts on “Winter Trickster

    1. Most of these poems are new. This one was written following an experience walking home from the train station on Sunday. A couple of them are poems that I wrote last year, ‘Llywarch’s Winter’ being one of them. But mainly new. Saying that, today I’ve run out!

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