Mud and Water


Mud and water
And custodian clouds in the sky
Nurture the burgeoning wetlands
Of the Setantii.

Iron and water
And darkening clouds of rage
Beaten down by the Romans
Surrender up their reign.

Blood and water
And clouds with dampening wings
Cry down the slaughter of Rheged’s
Warrior kings.

Gold and water
And clouds, silver stained
Glint in gilded treasure troves
Abandoned by the Danes.

Stone and water
And scurrying clouds on high
Raise up the steeples and piercing
Sun lit spires.

Brick and water
And smouldering clouds of fire
Construct the horror of industry
And watch it expire.

Plastic and concrete
And pixel clouds on screens
Twist the fatal chimera
Of virtual reality.

Mud and water
And clouds stacked ten miles grey
Hold a county of potency
Trembling in the rain.

The Ribble from Penwortham Holme


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