Beneath the green hill the olds gods dream…

My name is Lorna Smithers and I am a poet and author based in Penwortham, Lancashire, North West England. ‘Peneverdant’ is the name of my home town in the Doomsday Book and has been translated as ‘The Green Hill on the Water’.

My three books: Enchanting the Shadowlands, The Broken Cauldron, and Gatherer of Souls are published by Ritona Press. My poetry has appeared in BFS Horizons, The Dawntreader, Eternal Haunted Summer, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly and other magazines and anthologies. In 2012 I won the Preston Guild Poetry competition.

I am an awenydd and Brythonic polytheist and am devoted to Gwyn ap Nudd, a ruler of Annwn. I also worship His consort, Creiddylad, His father, Nodens/Nudd, His mother, Anrhuna, Belisama, Goddess of the Ribble, and the spirits of my locality. I serve Them by striving to recall Their lost myths and bring Their veneration back to the world.

Drawn to Polytheistic Monasticism I founded the Monastery of Annwn in 2022 as a virtual space and a place of sanctuary for those who worship and serve the Gods and Goddesses of Annwn. As a nun of Annwn I am developing my monastic practices.

Running and strength training are important to my physical and mental health as an autistic person. I volunteer in Greencroft Valley and enjoy growing small green things.