Llyn Cau

Because there’s no other way.
Because the gods have got me by the heartstrings.
Because I see over the horizon not what’s on it.
Because I see birds who are not birds.
Because I am in hidden spaces.
Because I love mist.
Because no-one tells the whispers of the silent.
Because words can dance like pictures on cave walls.
Because my people are hungry.
Because the wind howls down my neck.
Because I wake at night and there are stars.
Because the mortality ship is sailing.
Because I am the threshold.
Because another world’s stars hem me in.
Because I look above and the worms are singing.

Lorna Smithers was born in 1981 and lives in Lancashire. An awenydd, Brythonic polytheist and devotee of Gwyn ap Nudd, her work focuses on recovering lost stories from the land and myths of forgotten gods. She is the author of Enchanting the Shadowlands and The Broken Cauldron,  editor of A Beautiful Resistance: The Fire is Here and a contributor to  Awen ac Awenydd, Dun Brython, and Gods & Radicals. She gives talks, runs workshops and leads walks focusing on mythology, folklore and connecting with the gods and spirits in her locality and occasionally further afield. She also performs her poetry and is an organiser of Damson Poets, a monthly poetry event in Preston.

Contact: lornasmithers81@gmail.com


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