Beneath the green hill the olds gods dream…

My name is Lorna Smithers and I am a poet, author, awenydd, Brythonic polytheist, and devotee of Gwyn ap Nudd. ‘Peneverdant’ is the name of my home town of Penwortham in the Doomsday Book. It has been translated as ‘The Green Hill on the Water’. From here I write poems for the land and myths for the old gods of Britain.

I have had a passion for nature and mythology since childhood. After studying literature and philosophy to MA level and reading about Apollo and Dionysus in the work of Friedrich Nietzsche I began wondering whether we had our own gods and myths in Britain and this led me through druidry to Brythonic polytheism.

Eventually I found the Brythonic deities and the spirits of my local landscape. I met my patron god, Gwyn ap Nudd, a ruler of Annwn, the Otherworld, in 2012. After serving an apprenticeship I made my lifelong dedication to him as an awenydd ‘person inspired’ in 2019.

I have published three books: Enchanting the Shadowlands, The Broken Cauldron, and Gatherer of Souls. My work has appeared in The Dawntreader, Eternal Haunted Summer, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, BFS Horizons, and other magazines and anthologies. I have written for God & Radicals and edited and contributed to A Beautiful Resistance. I was a contributor to Dun Brython and am a co-founder of Awen ac Awenydd. I occasionally give talks and workshops and perform poetry in my local area and online.

I run the Friends of Greencroft Valley and am volunteering with the Lancashire Wildlife Trust as a way into paid work in conservation. I am learning to grow small green things and listen to the land. I enjoy reading fantasy, walking, cycling, and running.

This blog is a record of my spiritual path and on it you will find articles on the Brythonic tradition, local lore and history, poetry, and reflections on my life and practice.

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