Llyn Cau

Because there’s no other way.
Because the gods have got me by the heartstrings.
Because I see over the horizon not what’s on it.
Because I see birds who are not birds.
Because I am in hidden spaces.
Because I love mist.
Because no-one tells the whispers of the silent.
Because words can dance like pictures on cave walls.
Because my people are hungry.
Because the wind howls down my neck.
Because I wake at night and there are stars.
Because the mortality ship is sailing.
Because I am the threshold.
Because another world’s stars hem me in.
Because I look above and the worms are singing.


Lorna Smithers is a poet, author, awenydd, Brythonic polytheist, and devotee of Gwyn ap Nudd. She is currently investigating how the ancient British myths relate to our environmental and political crises, recovering the lost links between the Old North and Wales, and exploring Annwn (the Brythonic Otherworld) with the aim of re-weaving the ways between the worlds and dreaming new stories.

She has published three books: Enchanting the Shadowlands, The Broken Cauldron, and Gatherer of Souls. Her fourth book, Porth Annwn, will document her explorations of the Otherworld. Her work has appeared in various Pagan publications and poetry magazines. She writes for Gods & Radicals, has edited A Beautiful Resistance, and is co-editing an anthology for Awen & Awenydd.

Based in Penwortham, Lancashire, she gives talks and workshops on Brythonic mythology and deities, connecting with spirits of place, and creative writing as a spiritual practice. She performs her poetry at local events and is a committee member of Damson Poets. She is slowly learning Welsh and is a member of Clwb Siarad.

You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook and support her work on Patreon.

Contact: lornasmithers81@gmail.com

Lorna Profile July 2018 Medium


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