Signposts in the Mist is the blog of Lorna Smithers.

Llyn Cau

I’m an awenydd (‘person inspired’) and Brythonic Polytheist based in Lancashire. My path is rooted in place and my devotional relationship with the Brythonic gods.

My patron is Gwyn ap Nudd (‘White son of Mist’), a ruler of Annwn. He guides my quest walking between worlds to recover the lost stories and deeper myths of this land and its deities. Through this blog I aim to leave signposts in the mist along the way.

In January 2015 I published my first collection of poems and short stories, Enchanting the Shadowlands, which is dedicated to Gwyn and the spirits of my local landscape.

I’m a contributor to Awen and Awenydd, Dun Brython and Gods & Radicals and current editor of A Beautiful Resistance #2.

I’m also a member of The Druid Network and The Oak Feather Grove, run The Friends of Greencroft Valley, volunteer for The Lancashire Wildlife Trust, co-ordinate Korova Poetry and Preston Poets’ Society blog and perform with Guests of the Earth.

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